Friday, May 18, 2018

Beach Blanket Bingo Summer Reading Challenge

Here's how to play: (BINGO Cards will come home in the last Tuesday Folder)

*Read one UNIQUE book for each space in the Bingo Challenge and record either the title or date on the blank provided.  You may not use the same book for more than one space on the grid-no double dipping!
*To show that you have completed the space, use a YELLOW crayon or YELLOW colored pencil to color lightly in the square.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE CAN STILL READ THE WORDS IN THE SQUARE for it to count!
*A PARENT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED on the bottom of your Bingo Challenge to earn prizes!
*You can earn the following prizes:
      *Complete any 5 spaces in a row (across, down, or diagnal) =colorful pencil
      *Complete every space in both diagnal rows (to make an X)=smelly bookmark
      *Complete every space around the perimeter (to make a hollow square)=poster
      *Complete EVERY square for a blackout=paperback book


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